How to Set Yourself Up For Success in 2022

I’m sure we are all trying to better ourselves in someway this new year, New Year New Me right? It’s important to start the year right and Felicia, owner of Felicia’s Best has given us the inside scoop on how to set yourself up for a successful year. 

What are some scheduling/organizing tips & tricks that you recommend ? 

“ I love to use Google Calendar. I use one to manage my team and I use a personal one to manage my family and my appointments. Everyone is assigned a different color, so at a moments glance I know what’s happening. I love that its available on my phone no matter where I am yet I can pull it up on my computer and see the big picture. This tool has really made my life more streamlined and organized.” -Felicia 

What are some organizing practices that help you prepare for the new year? 

“Each year I focus on decluttering my home. I love to do this after taking down all my Christmas decorations. I’m going to be sharing the process and put together a Decluttering Challenge for my followers to join in. It’s a daily process but will allow you to feel more at peace within your surroundings. I love to have a big garage sale first to make some extra cash to use towards another project in our home. This year it’s going to be our laundry room. This process helps my family to get on board to go through their things too. I always give them the cash for the things we’ve sold for them if they’re saving for something too. In the past we’ve used the money to go on a little day trip, out to eat at a nice restaurant, or go see a movie that’s just released. It’s like “rainy day” money! Whatever doesn’t sell in the garage sale will then go straight to donation…it’s not allowed back into the home! This decluttering challenge each year helps us to live with just what we need and use and not have a bunch of excess. I love it!!” -Felicia  

Great! Now you have an idea of where to get stared, but what next? If you would like help from a professional, Felicia’s Best can assist in home organization, office assisting, event planning and more. Make sure to head on over to their website for all the ways Felicia’s Best can assist you in your day to day life.