How Financial Planning Can Empower Women

Women have been steadily paving their way into the world emerging as successful leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists and so much more. Showing strength, intelligence, and determination women have proven again and again that they are capable of achieving the unimaginable. Knowing how to manage your finances can allow you to take charge of your life and empower you to reach your professional and personal goals. We sat down with Tiana Ronstadt, owner of Power Women Investing to help you get started on your financial planning journey! 

 1. At what age do you recommend women begin financial planning?

“There is no specific age. It is more driven by income and stage in life. Once you have earned income or inheritance it is time to plan.”

 2. What are the benefits of financial planning? 

“As we know the benefits of goals, vision, and planning, all must have some piece of ‘finance” included. So really it is the benefit of tying everything to your income, savings, and investments as well as protecting against risk.” 

3. How does financial planning affect your future ? 

“Planning ahead, planning against risk, gives you the boast in achieving your goals. What is that you want to achieve ?  What is it that you want to do, see, be, enjoy, own, experience? Then, how are you going to pay for it, provide for it, and enjoy it? That what’s having a ‘financial’ plan does for you. It is a road map with the actual points of withdrawal to have it all.” 

4.What are the first steps someone looking to start financial planning should take ?

“Assess where you are, know your income, know your goals, be open, and then find a planner/advisor/coach/consultant that can get you there. Ask your friends/family, do a search then check to be sure they are on This shows you who is actually licensed to give advice.” 

5. What is financial planning and how can it empower women? 

“We believe that the more educated, empowered, and encouraged women are about money they better off their family, their community, our country and the world. Women need to not feel fearful, shameful, unsure, or incompetent. We all must start at the beginning and we allow everyone to start at the beginning in a judgement free, independent, unbiased, environment.  I always say, just come as you are.” 

7. Why do I need a financial planner? 

“The definition and execution of a financial planner are different. It is important to understand that if you are only looking for a plan there are those that simply offer you the plan. We are implementers. Yes, we help you create a plan but our goal is assist you in the implementation to then achieve your personal goals.”