Fool Proof Paint Colors From an Interiors Expert

Living Room designed by Kimberly Coffman — Here ‘Anew Gray’ paint by Sherwin Williams

It’s almost spring! – which means you might be thinking about spring cleaning, spring time home updates, and maybe even adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior of your home! We will be the first to admit that picking an interior paint color is a daunting decision, which is why we turned to our scouted member and resident expert Kimberly with Fine Art Interiors to help!

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The Scout Guide: What are your top 5 go-to paint colors?


1.- Sherwin Williams SW7757 -High Reflective White

2. Sherwin Williams SW7005 Pure White

3. Sherwin Williams SW7030 Anew Gray- For your warm gray tones

4. Sherwin Williams SW7506 Loggia – Warm neutral

5. Sherwin Williams SW7604 Smoky Blue


The Scout Guide: What is your FAVORITE color to use in a master bedroom? 

Kimberly: Lately I’m loving very earthy calming green tones—paired with whites and creams can elicit a very relaxing

The Scout Guide: Is there a specific color or color pallet you tell your clients to stay away from?

Kimberly: I really don’t have color that I tell people to stay away from, but I do point out color pallets that are relaxing for bedrooms and more powerful in powder rooms.  It’s more about the feeling they want from the specific space.  If they want exciting a bright colors for high energy feeling or calming soothing tones in home offices and master bedrooms. It’s all about taking what the client wants and executing it in the best way possible!

The Scout Guide: What is your best paint trick that most people would never think of!

Kimberly: I typically approach baseboards and doors/trim to be at least 50% or 75% lighter than the wall tone.  So, we start with taking the wall tone and cutting the recipe by half and then 75% to test if it’s enough of a contrast between the wall color and the baseboards and doors.  If the wall color is already pretty light then go immediately to a white.

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