An Interview with Designer and Landscape Expert Kathryn Prideaux

Photo of Principal Designer and Owner of Prideaux Design, Kathryn Prideaux. Photo by: Fletcher and Co

Tucson…Meet Kathryn Prideaux , owner and principal designer at Prideaux Design. Inspired by the incredible beauty of the desert we love so much, Kathryn knows better than anyone that design is truly about balancing beauty and splendor with flow and function. Mindfully modernizing a space while honoring its original soul. And perfectly pairing clean lines and simplicity with stunning color and texture

For 13 years, Kathryn has offered both modern interior and landscape design to clients in Tucson and far beyond. It’s her multi-faceted approach that allows her to look holistically at any project so there’s a seamless transition from the inside of a home to it’s outdoor living spaces. The Prideaux design team truly has no boundaries and sees no walls!

We asked Kathryn a few questions about landscape design in the desert and what inspires her to continue creating effortlessly beautiful design. If you are looking to transform your space into a tranquil desert oasis…look no further! And don’t forget to tell her, The Scout Guide sent you!


TSG: How did you get into design in the first place?

KP: I grew up spending summers on my grandparents house in Redondo Beach CA. Their house was designed by Killingsworth in 1956. It was an incredible home and really created my love of design and architecture.

TSG: We love your focus on the desert landscape and incorporating desert botanicals into your designs…what is your favorite part about designing in the desert?

KP: I feel SO fortunate to be able to work with our amazing plant palette. Our plants are so sculptural…a perfect combination with modern architecture.


TSG: What makes designing in the desert challenging?

KP: Honestly – I love working in the desert and I can’t imagine designing in any other area!


TSG: Do you have a favorite project that you have worked on?


KP: Too many to list! I tend to have one or two favorite elements of each project…something new I tried or something different than what everyone is accustomed to seeing.

TSG: What is your favorite place to draw inspiration?

KP: Cliche…but I love instagram…I could scroll for hours. I follow quite a few Australian designers and landscape firms that I love to keep an eye on. And I love classic modern design…Palm Springs Modernism Week always re-ignites my passion for design.


TSG: What is the best way for potential clients to get in touch with you and inquire about a new project?

KP: My website has a contact form – that is where we direct all new clients – it helps so much to know a little about the project and goals.