5 Simple Stretches For A Better Night's Sleep


We met up with Kate Ares, owner of Barre3 Tucson to get you expert insight on the best ways to unwind your body before going to bed! Keep reading to learn Kate’s top 5 recommend stretches for a better night’s sleep. 

Kate’s Five Simple Stretches For A Better Night’s Sleeps

Child’s Pose

 Knees wide, touch toes together and walk your hands forward to let your forehead rest on the ground. You can hold this pose for as long as you would like! Walk your hands over to the left, bump hips to the right and vice versa for a side body/seat stretch. This is great for the neck, shoulders, and back.

Neck Stretch

 You can do this sitting or standing. Nod your head left to right, and shoulder to shoulder.You can even roll in one direction and then the other. Great way to alleviate neck and shoulder tension!

Chest Opening Stretch

 You can do this standing or kneeling. Sweep arms back behind you. If it feels good interlace your fingers and take your gaze to the sky. So good to help open up through your chest, especially after a day of typing on your computer and driving in your car, it helps to counteract the slumping/rounding forward that happens in day to day life.

Flat back fold-over

 Find a waist high surface, back of a chair, countertop, bend at the waist and put hands on top of surface. Feet should be about hip width apart and arms extended straight onto surface. Pedal knees right and left, you can hold down on one side and then the other. Great low back release and stretch for hamstrings.

Figure 4 stretch

 Lie flat on back, feet flat on floor, knees bent. Cross right foot over left knee, flex right foot and pull knees towards chest. Repeat on side two. Our glutes tend to be tight from sitting during the day and this is a great glute stretch! 

If you loved these stretches and want to dive into something more intense, make sure to book a class at Barre3. With elements of ballet, yoga, and pilates the low-impact/high-intensity classes will help you build muscle, flexibility, and strength. Sign us up!