4 Ways To Beat The AZ Heat This Summer

As beautiful as the desert wildlife and scenery can be, it can get undeniably hot here in Tucson.  That being said, here are four fun ways to beat the AZ heat this summer!

Take A Tour With AZ Winery

 Take a wine tour! This is a fun way to still be outside enjoying the desert scenery while also staying relaxed and cool. Make sure to bring your significant other or your girl friends along for the experience. 

2. Pool- Side Staycation

Relaxing by the pool has been a classic way to escape from the heat for centuries, its a classic for a reason.  Take the day and book a stay at El Conquistador Tucson to enjoy their lovely pool and other amenities. This is perfect for the whole family, a girls trip, or simply an enjoyable getaway with your significant other. 

3. Mixology Party

Invite a couple of friends over, put on some good music, and have guests take turns making their favorite cocktail for everyone to try. This is a fun hands-on activity where you can get together to enjoy a good time regardless of the outside heat. 

4. Go Out For Ice-Cream Or Make Your Own

Ice cream is a classic treat when the weather starts to warm up, grab a scoop at your favorite local gelato/ice cream shop or try to make your own at home. We personally love the home-made option since it’s not only fun to do but it gives you the freedom to create your own tasty flavors!