4 Thanksgiving Traditions You Can't Go On Without

Thanksgiving is a holiday seeping with history and tradition where family and friends get together to share laughs and of course pumpkin pie. Take a slice from us and incorporate one or all of these festive Thanksgiving traditions you can’t go on without. 

Serve up a signature cocktail

Create a fun and tasty family tradition that will have everyone raising a glass to the holiday season by serving up a signature cocktail to be enjoyed year after year! Make sure to get creative with the seasonal flavors…we’re talking cranberry, maple, pumpkin spice, apple, sage and all things festive and fall! Head on over to Westbound for a great selection of alcohol for your new favorite thanksgiving tradition, cheers! 

Yearly Family Photo 

The best way to remember the beautiful moments spent with our loved ones is by freezing a moment in time with a photograph. This is a simple yet fun tradition that you can completely make your own! Have a signature family pose that is repeated every year, a favorite shoot location, or matching attire! What ever you choose be creative and enjoy the moment. 


What better way to step in to the holidays spirit than by celebrating with your second family? Friendsgiving is where you gather around the table with friends to share a meal and laughs. Pick your favorite restaurant, take turns hosting dinner at each-other’s homes, or have it in the form of a picnic. Whatever fits your style, if you are incorporating festive fall decor make sure to grab fresh floral centerpieces to adorn the table from Eastland Alley.


The holiday season is all about spending time with our loved ones and being grateful for the many blessings in our lives. It’s important to take some time and give back to those who need a hand in our local community. Donating food/care baskets, helping out in the local animal shelters, and volunteering at your local soup kitchen are just a few of the many ways we can give back to the community and do some good.