How to Create a Beautifully Understated Floral Arrangement

TSG Tip Bouquet

There are moments when we wish to wow, and then there are times that call for a more understated approach. With florals, the less-statement-making route translates to a bouquet that enhances one’s environment without being overly eye-catching—a thoughtfully curated grouping of fresh elements perfect for sprucing up a side table or serving as a thank-you gift. Here, we deconstruct the ultimate understated arrangement, from our favorite elements to easy ways to add a touch of elegance.

Make it monochromatic. Far from being boring, sticking to a strict color palette allows you to create beauty and nuance with subtle variations on a hue. After all, in the world of plants, there’s no limit to the number of shades of green.

Use what’s in your garden. Supplementing a bouquet with elements from your yard—such as basil or mint—adds a personal touch, in addition to paring down the number of elements you’ll need to purchase. As an added bonus, herbs bring a wonderful fragrance to the grouping.

Keep the vessel simple. Let the natural elements shine by placing them in a simple glass vase. Alternatively, an opaque vessel in a neutral hue would look equally lovely. This is not the time to reach for fancy crystal or an intricate pattern.

Add a ribbon. If you’re giving your simple bouquet as a gift, a length of ribbon—preferably in the same palette—tied around the vase will complete the presentation. However, incorporating ribbon is a nice touch even if you’re keeping your arrangement, as it will add a new texture into the mix.

Think small-scale. For this less-is-more creation, a few sprigs of each element will do, and the maximum height generally measures less than 12 inches. The scale ensures versatility, and the loose composition lets us add and remove pieces as we see fit.