Tending Indoor Citrus Trees

Our indoor citrus trees have provided much-needed cheer all winter long, and as we start to turn our attention back outside we want to make sure that they’ll thrive for many seasons to come. For advice on how to keep our citrus plants healthy year-round we turned to the experts at Somerset, Virginia-based The Market at Grelen; here are their recommendations:

  • When purchasing a tree, bear in mind that dwarf varieties are best for indoors as they will not outgrow their pots as quickly.
  • Choose your plant’s location carefully. Indoor citrus trees need lots of sunlight (they require a minimum of 8 hours) and they love humidity.
  • In the spring, before moving the plants back outside, gradually start to reintroduce them to the elements by opening windows and doors around them.
  • In terms of care, use an 18-18-18 fertilizer to help supplement nutrients and water every 1-3 days.
  • Keep the plants outside as long as the weather permits.

Expert tip from The Market at Grelen in Somerset, VA.