Style Your Shelves

Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on a room or have a space in need of a refresh, addressing your shelves can have a significant impact on your decor. Since it can be difficult to know where or how to begin, we turned to the talented experts at Savannah’s Rethink Design Studio for advice on what to consider when starting a shelf-styling project; here are their recommendations:

Symmetry. Start by using larger accessories to anchor the shelf and add a sense of rhythm. Keeping a symmetrical pattern at eye level will make more organic styling look purposeful instead of chaotic.

Cohesive variety. Collect art and objects that differ in shape but share the same tonal values or subject matter. For example, curate a collage of art with mostly negative space in frames that all have a hint of gold behind the shelf to make it appear larger and add visual interest. If you find there’s an item that looks like the black sheep of the collection, group multiples of a similar object close by to bring it all together.

Odd one out. Grouping accessories can be tough. How much is too much? As a general rule of thumb, choosing an odd number (like three or five) keeps groups from looking excessive. Bonus points if these items differ in height.

Less is more. This is the key mantra to a well-curated shelf. When in doubt, subtract the accessories by half and play with what you have left.

Expert tip and image from Rethink Design Studio in Savannah, GA.