Wrap Up: Checklist For A Well-Stocked Wrapping Station

With Christmas just over a week away, it’s time to start wrapping up the shopping and getting ready for the big day. While last-minute purchases will be inevitable, the present inventory has likely reached a point where it makes sense to organize a workspace for wrapping gifts. To help us get set up for success, we checked in with Susie-Melissa Cherry of Dallas-based Calligraphic Arts Design Studio, who is known for her impeccable gift-wrapping talent (in addition to her internationally recognized calligraphy skills). Here is her checklist for a well-stocked wrapping station:

• Assorted sizes of boxes and bags.
• A heavy-duty tape dispenser, which allows for pulling a piece of tape one-handed while holding wrapping paper with the other.
• Regular tape to adhere paper to the box where it will be covered on the finished wrap, double-sided tape to adhere any seams or ends that will be seen on the finished wrap in order to create a seamless look, and removable Scotch tape to to adhere the paper to a book jacket and to label packages after they are wrapped.
• 24-gauge wire for securing large snowflakes, Santas, or stuffed animals, as well as needle nose pliers with cutter to cut the wire.
• 2 pairs of scissors (one for paper, one for ribbon).
• A glue gun for applying embellishments such as ornaments, candy canes, berries or flowers. (Also comes in handy for reinforcing the corners of pop-up gift boxes.)
• A tape measure or yard stick to help determine the appropriate size box for the gift and for precise paper and ribbon measurements.
• Tissue paper (quire fold or flat sheet) for lining boxes and gift bags.
• Cellophane (plain or printed) for unboxed gifts, displaying the gift as part of the wrap, and for gift baskets.  May also be used on top of tissue paper wrapping to give a gift shine.
• A selection of ribbons, including: curling, acetate, wired, organdy, silk, cord/twine, jute, satin, velvet. Mixing ribbons on one package can be a dynamic addition to the gift!
• A selection of gift wrap papers in various widths.

Expert tip from Susie-Melissa Cherry of Calligraphic Arts Design Studio in Dallas, TX.