Welcome Wallpaper

While some people may find it a bit intimidating, incorporating wallpaper into the home is a wonderful opportunity to transform a space into an expressive, intimate enclave. To help prompt those of us who might be a bit hesitant to embrace paper—and to give longtime wallpaper fans some fresh uses for their favorite wall coverings—we reached out to the experts at Chelsea Lane & Wallpaper by Wendy in Palm Beach, Florida, for some expert advice; here are their recommendations:

  • Start small: Some people like to jump right in the ocean, while others like to slowly ease their way in. This is true with wallpaper as well. For those who are just getting their toes wet in the wallpaper world, my best advice would be to start small. A powder room is an ideal trial space, as it’s small in scale and you won’t necessarily have to see it every day. The cost will be lower than papering an entire large room, so the financial commitment isn’t too high, and once you see how amazing the it looks and feels, you can move on to other areas of your home. (Trust me…you will!)
  • Scared of commitment? Go neutral: If you are scared to commit to a pattern or color but love how wallpaper transforms a room, I recommend going with a tone on tone that has a subtle pattern, preferably in a neutral shade. You could also go with a solid grasscloth or texture. This way, if you want to change the accent colors or furniture in your room, you could do so while keeping the same wallpaper up.
  • Where not to use a large pattern: I would suggest not using large patterns where the paper is going to be broken up a lot by cabinets, windows, or doors, which will cause you to lose a lot of the pattern (it might even become unrecognizable). Use large patterns where you have a lot of solid, uninterrupted wall space.
  • Small rooms and dark paper:  “I love this paper, but I was told not to use dark colors in a small room” is something I hear all the time. However, I have seen so many clients paper small areas with dark paper, and the result feels so cozy and amazing. It truly is a matter of preference; some people love bright, open airy spaces, while others love a dark, cozy space. If you LOVE the paper, use it!
  • Wallpaper that ceiling!: Wallpapering a ceiling creates a beautiful finished look. I always recommend going a few shades lighter on your ceiling.
  • Already a wallpaper lover and want more ideas?: Buy an extra roll and cover the shelves in the hallway. Buy some raffia and cover that old side table you are about to throw away. Put a piece under the glass on your coffee table. Obsessed with the wallpaper you put in your bedroom? Frame out your favorite part of the pattern and put it in your bathroom to help the two rooms come together. The possibilities are truly endless….

Expert tip from Chelsea Lane & Wallpaper by Wendy in Palm Beach, FL.