Slow Down: Tips for Maintaining An Inspired Life

During times of transition—such as the back-to-school-rush or the beginning of the holiday season—it can be easy to get swept up in day-to-day chaos and ever-expanding lists of commitments. When that happens, certain aspects of our personal lives can end up getting neglected, and this can result in us feeling out of touch and creatively depleted. To help us reconnect and refocus our mindset, we asked Ashley Kegley-Whitehead of Austin-based public relations firm Buie & Co. for advice on creating and reinforcing lasting relationships and maintaining an inspired life; here are her recommendations:


  1. Listen more than you speak. You’d be surprised how often we hear things without truly listening, and you’ll learn volumes by truly tuning in to a conversation.
  2. Keep your word. Whether you’ve committed to a deadline, lunch, or phone call, it’s important to deliver.
  3. Over-communicate. Make routine phone calls, send emails regularly, and when the occasion calls for it—or “just because”—take the time to mail a hand-written note.
  4. Avoid autopilot. Although it’s easy to get caught in a repetitive daily routine, simple actions—such as making a new dish for dinner or trying a new outdoor activity—can spice up your day and help you avoid falling into an uninspired rut.
  5. Change your landscape. Go on a walk in an interesting location, hit up an art museum, listen to music, etc. You’ll awaken your dormant creativity when you change your perspective.

Expert tip from Buie & Co. in Austin, TX.