Bringing the Outside In

We enjoy introducing fresh objects and energy into our homes, and one of our favorite ways to do this is by bringing elements of nature indoors and incorporating it throughout our decor. From unique stones to petrified wood to unusual branches and so much more, the possibilities that await in our own backyards are practically endless. Therefore, we asked Charlottesville, Virginia-based designer Jan Roden to help us figure out what to look for and why as we search for outdoor objects to help us feather our nests. Here are her recommendations:

  • Don’t be afraid to mix natural items in with your finer pieces. The juxtaposition of fine furniture and raw nature from the forest floor adds interest to a space, and introducing natural elements to a room brings balance and calm to the area, making it feel more inviting and grounded.
  • Seek out the unique and don’t worry about the items matching your decor or other found pieces. Nothing in nature matches, but it still feeds our souls.
  • Collect things that move your spirit; these treasured items will resonate with you and seem different every time you look at them, ensuring you won’t soon tire of them. I particularly like using eggs, which represent the circle of life, throughout my home.

Expert tip from Jan Roden in Charlottesville, VA.