Adding Interest to Your Yard

A beautifully composed yard is the equivalent of an outdoor room. Since often a yard is all one level, it is important to create a focal point by introducing an object of interest—such as a sculpture, fountain, or trellis—to draw the eye upward and add architectural interest. We asked Kate Morrison, owner of Eastover Collection in Charlotte, North Carolina, to share her advice for selecting and installing the perfect outdoor ornamental piece. Here are her recommendations:

  • Think of your outdoor space as a composition that looks best with layers, textures and elements of scale, and is an extension of your home.
  • Place an ornamental feature outdoors where you can see it from a window, creating a vignette to enjoy from inside.
  • Vertical trellises, such as rose pyramids, are a beautiful support for climbing plants, and they are a decorative, year-round focal point even after pruning.
  • Paint your wooden feature white to pop against greenery, or try a bolder color like chinoiserie red or turquoise to mix it up.

Expert tip from Kate Morrison of Eastover Collection in Charlotte, NC.