Designing an Ideal Dining Area


Whether you enjoy entertaining on a grand scale or prefer a party of one, your dining area should reflect your style, comfortably accommodate your guests, and be adaptable for a variety of occasions. To help us determine how to create a dinner party-worthy room, we asked Nancy Price of Jackson, Mississippi-based Nancy Price Interior Design to share her advice for designing an ideal dining space. Here are her recommendations:

• Create a room with light colored walls. This helps foster an intimate, ethereal feel, which is very inviting.
• A beautiful rug will help keep the conversation from echoing, which will allow everyone to hear one another. An added bonus is that it will also keep your chairs from scratching the floor.
• Every chandelier should have a dimmer option so you can match the lighting to the tone you are trying to set.
• Mix antiques with newer pieces on a tabletop for an elegant yet casual family style gathering. It makes the room feel so welcoming.

TSG Tip 53  from Nancy Price of Nancy Price Interior Design in Jackson, MS.