Putting It All On the Table

The upcoming Kentucky Derby has us looking forward to shiny julep cups and sterling trophies. This silver-induced sense of anticipation inspired us to start looking for ways to incorporate the pretty precious metal into everyday life, so we turned to designer (and silver aficionado) Jan Roden for advice. Here are her recommendations:

Take it out of context. Distribute and display your silver pieces throughout the house, not just alongside fine china. Keep a silver dish filled with candy on your desk, put a few blooms from the garden in a silver cup in your powder room, or use a silver tray as a catchall for your house keys and loose change.

  • Use your silver flatware every day, not just on special occasions. Let it feed your soul. Enjoy it and make it part of your day to day life. What good is it doing sitting in a closet?
  • Display your silver in whatever condition you like—tarnished or not tarnished, whatever fits your style will look best around your home.
  • Invest in the pieces, not in the cleaner. A tried and true product like Wright’s polish will get the job done.

TSG Tip 50 from Jan Roden of And George in Charlottesville, VA.