Finding the Perfect Frames: How to Pick A Pair Of Sunglasses

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to shop for your new favorite sunglasses. With so many options to choose from, we asked eyewear expert Becky Causey, owner of Greensboro, NC’s The View on Elm, to help us with our search. Here is her expert advice:

  • The three most important qualities of a great pair of sunglasses are fit, form, and function. What is not important is a big logo on the outside. Seek out high-quality glasses made by eyeglass designers, not designer eyeglasses.
  • Stick with classic styles that you won’t soon tire of. You can’t go wrong with a pair of sporty aviators for everyday and a glamorous, Audrey-esque pair of frames for when you need to look dressy.
  • Just as you wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes to an outdoor wedding as you would on the tennis court, you need different pairs of sunglasses for certain activities. Keep this in mind as you evaluate the various lens colors, coatings, and materials.
  • Find frames that complement your skin tone and properly fit your face. Try on as many pairs as you need to in order to find the perfect shade of tortoise or other complimentary color as well as flattering shape for your face.
  • Seek an expert’s opinion on fit, you’ll be much happier and feel better when you know it’s just perfect for you. Experts will also offer knowledge about lens and frame options, adjustments, and care.
  • Remember that in addition to being the ultimate summertime accessory, sunglasses offer much-needed protection. If you don’t go out without sunscreen, why would you go out without sunglasses? Find the perfect frames, then wear them!

Expert tip from Becky Causey of The View on Elm in Greensboro, NC