How to Force Blooms

There’s something about getting five inches of fresh snow in early March that makes us especially eager to employ clever tricks to make our homes more springlike. Forcing buds to bloom indoors is a simple and lovely way to do just that. Here’s how to procure blossoms from your backyard even when mother nature won’t cooperate:

  1. Target your favorite flowering tree or shrub (we like quince). Seek out branches that have lots of buds, and snip them off the tree or shrub with pruning shears. For best results, smash the cut ends – this allows the branches to absorb more water while you coax out the blooms.
  2. Put your branches in a bucket or pitcher with a few inches of water in the bottom, then put the container in a place that isn’t near a heat source and doesn’t get a lot of light, such as a basement or utility closet.
  3. Over the next few weeks, add fresh water to the bucket as needed, and replace murky water if necessary. Blooms can appear as early as around week 1 or they can take about a month. Be patient.