TSG Tip 37: Keys to Orchid Care

Beautiful and abundant even in winter months, orchids offer a lovely way to dress up a table and add life to a space while our gardens lie dormant. While their delicate appearance might make them seem high maintenance, orchids actually require little nurturing. Below are the basics to orchid care:

  • Pay attention to placement. Orchids should be in an area that gets good indirect light – not full sun – and away from sources that blow hot or cold air, like a heating or air conditioning vent.
  • While you want to thoroughly water your orchid, watering should never result in the plant sitting in a puddle. In addition, the soil should dry out between waterings. Limp, droopy foliage is usually a sign that your orchid is too wet.
  • Don’t overthink it! Your orchid does not want to be babied. Follow the above steps and use your instincts and your orchid should thrive.

Expert tip from Lines Orchids in Chattanooga, TN.