Declutter Your Desk

A well appointed desk doesn’t just foster productivity, it can make work feel less like work. The ideal workspace consists of functional tools organized in a way in which they are easy to find as well as a couple of beautiful, unobtrusive touches that make the area feel inviting. Here are a few components that will help set the right tone for tackling your to-do list:

1. Find a tray of some sort to contain your supplies. This will make your desk instantly feel more organized and will encourage you to pitch whatever doesn’t seem to fit.

2. Arrange your notecards, pens and pencils, tape, and stapler in a row. Put whichever you use the least in the least accessible position and the item you use the most in the most easily reachable spot.

3. Add a beautiful object that makes you happy—but doesn’t occupy too much space! A unique paperweight, shell, or porcelain figurine would be appropriate.

4. Incorporate fresh flowers. A low, tight flower arrangement that allows you to reach over it if necessary or a simple orchid will add a breath of fresh air to your workspace.

5. Have a great candle on hand. In addition to looking pretty on your desk, certain scents, like lavender, have been proven to make people feel calmer, while others, like mint, have been known to make people feel more alert.