The Anatomy of a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Whether you have a passed down heirloom that occupies the place of honor on your Thanksgiving table or you’ve just acquired a statement piece that you can’t wait to incorporate, putting together a centerpiece takes thought and care. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as you consider your tabletop decor.

Forego symmetry. Resist the temptation to arrange your tablescape in equal parts. Create an eclectic grouping of passed down treasures, outdoor elements, and carefully arranged flowers.

Take scale into account, and vary heights. Use birch pedestals, stacked books, or cake stands to ensure that not every element is on one level. Instead of candlesticks, scatter votives so you don’t obstruct eye contact.

Keep things in the same color scheme. If you use feathers, select flowers that will complement the plumes, and choose additional pieces that carry on the color theme.

Incorporate interesting vessels. Instead of the usual glass vase, use an opaque antique.

Expert tip from Tourterelle Floral Design in Charlottesville, VA