Easy & Elegant Entertaining

The key to fabulous entertaining is knowing how to host with ease. This time of year calls for cozy and casual affairs. Here are three party principles that will make for an enchanting evening.

  1. Greet with a drink: Hand guests a seasonal cocktail right when they arrive. That way they’re not having to make a choice as to what to drink when they step in the door. A great cocktail for the cold is the Dark & Stormy: ginger brew, apple cider, and rum.
  2. Always use place cards: The last thing a guest should have to worry about is where or whom to sit next to. The two rules here: a) Separate couples, which will allows for better integration (this isn’t date night!) b) Put talkers next to listeners to facilitate good conversation. *Fun idea: before dessert, have guests flip their place card over to reveal a new name and prompt a quick seat change.
  3. An Enchanting Table: Beautiful doesn’t mean elaborate: keep flower arrangements simple and seasonal. Bring in pieces of nature such as branches, flowers, butterflies, and rocks. Make sure there is ample candlelight. Using tablecloths, napkin rings, and formal china feels out of fashion. We suggest place mats, runners, and earthy touches like saltcellars.