Preserve Your Jewels

Seven tips for traveling with your jewelry:

  1. If traveling with pearls: keep them in a breathable pouch (velvet, silk or suede), separate from other abrasive jewelry items, flat and in a place where they will not stretch the delicate threads stringing the pearls together.
  2. Store gemstone jewelry in an upright position, so they do not scratch any other jewelry, such as gold, which is easily susceptible.
  3. As you pack your fine timepieces, wrap the watch face with heavy duty Saran Wrap to protect the glass from potential scratches and so it will not fall off should any additional jewelry jostle against it.
  4. The jewelry should be in a place that will remain dry and free from any moisture or humidity – silica gel packets are the perfect way to absorb any excess moisture.
  5. Always travel with the jewelry in a carry-on when flying. One would never know what could happen between dropping off the bag at check-in and its arrival at the destination.
  6. Tarnish-free bags are available for sterling silver jewelry.
  7. Do not store pieces of different metals in the same container, as it can dull the metals. Mix and match the jewelry pieces later.

Expert tip from Hamilton Jewelers in NJ. Monogrammed jewelery case from Leontine Linens.