The Secret to Applying Mascara

Overheard on the fall catwalks: “This season there is either loads of mascara or nothing at all. There’s no middle ground.” So how do you apply it without getting an overly clumped look?

  1. Apply lash primer. It thickens and nourishes your lashes, and helps the mascara stay on longer. Avoid primers that have little fibers to them, which can irritate. For the top lashes, start at the base of the lashes and make a zig-zag motion drawing out towards the end of the lash. With the lower lashes, simply touch the base of the lash with the side of the brush, close to the rim of the eye. If your lower lashes are long, you can turn the brush vertically and use it’s tip to apply product to the lower lashes.
  2. Curl lashes using a heated lash curler. They are better than traditional crimpers because they don’t pull on your lashes and can be used before and after mascara. They are easier for many women to operate as you can really get to all the small lashes and corner lashes with this gadget.
  3. Immediately apply your mascara, before the primer is completely dry. And don’t forget, black is in! Don’t be afraid to wear black mascara. It frames the eye, just like when you use a black frame on your Instagram pictures!
  4. Curl lashes again and apply a second coat of mascara. If you so desire, apply mascara to the bottom lashes as well. If not, just leave the primer. For some women, the primer on the lower lashes is enough.
  5. If there are any clumps, use a fan brush or metal lash comb to remove them.

Special Secret Tip: If your lashes are so long and luscious that you get some mascara on your skin, or you simply hit your skin with your mascara brush by accident, resist the urge to try to smear the mascara off right away. Let the mark completely dry. Then take a clean Q-Tip and dab/lift the mark right off your skin!

Expert tip from LIZ FANLO, in San Francisco.