The Ultimate Summer Dessert

The best summer desserts tend to have two qualities in common: First, they are delightfully simple (who wants to spend time in the kitchen during the hottest months of the year?); and second, they highlight the bounty of the season (think: fresh fruit galore). A classic crowd-pleaser, strawberry shortcake covers both. Here’s how we like to prepare our favorite seasonal treat:

  • Find a recipe that doesn’t get too fancy. We’re partial to this shortcake recipe from The New York Times (we like to add chocolate chips for a little something extra!). Even simpler? Get cake from your local bakery.
  • Substitute the best berries throughout the summer. Strawberries are, of course, the standard, but why not incorporate fresh blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries when it’s their time to shine? Let your best farmer’s market offerings dictate the fruit.
  • Enlist the kids. This dessert is an excellent opportunity for children to help in the kitchen. Let them toss the berries, stir the dough, and spoon the berries and whipped cream onto the biscuits.