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At The Scout Guide, we take pride in our distinctive offering, seamlessly combining meticulously curated annual print publications that showcase the unique stories of our members with a narrative that extends online through year-round digital editorial content.

Our commitment is to keep our online audience well-informed about the latest developments concerning our members through various digital editorial features. Here, we offer an overview of our complimentary digital opportunities across TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale and The Scout Guide national network.


TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale website offers dynamic local lifestyle content, fostering a well-lived life and a deeper connection with the community. Our city website is continually updated with hyper-local content, showcasing our members, local events, and everything you need to experience the best the Valley has to offer.

As readers increasingly seek information online, we remain committed to delivering engaging and relevant digital content that resonates with our audience. Our digital content is thoughtfully planned on a quarterly basis and executed monthly, and the invaluable insights provided by you, our members, play an important role in shaping our editorial direction.

This carefully crafted content is strategically placed on our city’s website, prominently featured in our digital newsletters, and extensively promoted across our social media channels.


Our local digital editorial content features both individual and multi-member highlights, showcasing the strength of our collective network and the best our community has to offer. Keep an eye out for the monthly digital editorial content request email to submit your updates, and let us help amplify your stories and achievements! Examples of digital editorial features include:

MEMBER SPOTLIGHTS | New members receive a Member Spotlight Q&A, offering an excellent opportunity to expand on your introduction in the print guide and connect with our online audience. Returning members looking to update their Member Spotlight can email [email protected].

MONTHLY EVENTS & HAPPENINGS | Share your upcoming events, sales, and announcements each month to be included on the events calendar on our city website or in other digital editorial features.

INSIDER GUIDES | Responding to increased interest, our enhanced Insider Guides now play a pivotal role in not only providing valuable insights to our audience but also strategically boosting the visibility of your business on TSG’s platform to a broader audience.


We look forward to promoting your latest and greatest and welcome you to share your upcoming happenings as far in advance as possible.

In addition to monthly digital content requests, you can submit your events, happenings, announcements, product launches, finished projects, open houses, pop-ups, anniversaries, philanthropic initiatives and whatever else you’d like to share at any time by emailing the following to: [email protected]

  • Event Name:
  • Event Description: Include details on what guests should expect and anything you would like for us to share with our readers
  • Event DateIndicate the start and end times
  • Event Landing PageInclude the URL to any landing page, especially when guests need to buy tickets
  • Images: Provide relevant, high-quality photography to potentially be used in the feature.


29K Annual Webpage Views, 12.3K Unique Web Views | 26K Email Subscribers | 5.5K Instagram Followers. Last updated January 2024.


TheScoutGuide.com displays the breadth of the TSG network, which is comprised of 80+ cities across the country. There, visitors can discover Scouted businesses in the TSG Directory and enjoy a steady stream of inspiration and information. Examples of their content include Gift Guides, Scouted Real Estate Listings, and more.

Please note TheScoutGuide.com is an entirely separate entity with its own editorial and digital strategy. As a TSG Phoenix Scottsdale member, we submit on behalf of your business for consideration to themed editorial requests, however, final inclusion is up to their editorial staff.


1.9M annual website pageviews, 90K email subscribers and 77K Instagram & 25K Facebook social media followers. Last updated January 2024.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected] directly…