Try Tone On Tone

While we always appreciate an appropriate use of contrast, when it comes to our wall and trim colors, we’re embracing a more monochromatic look. To help us get into a tone-on-tone state of mind, we reached out to a couple of TSG experts for advice on how to best achieve the effect; here are their recommendations:

• TSG co-founder and owner of the Charlottesville-based antiques and home furnishings store And George Christy Ford advises pairing a flat wall paint with a chalky-looking estate emulsion on the trim. This will result in a seamless, monochromatic look.

• While gloss is better in new homes, in older homes the shiny finish will show every blemish, Ford warns. Therefore, you’re better off using a paint with a satin or eggshell finish, which will be more forgiving.

• A subtle color-on-color contrast can be pretty, too. Jim Timberlake of The Paint Shop in Warrenton, Virginia, suggests looking to Benjamin Moore’s deck for recommendations, such as pairing Mayonnaise-hued walls with an Antique White ceiling.

TSG Tip 120 provided by Christy Ford