The Scout Guide Treasure Coast Editors Amy & Deborah standing by mangroves near a dock.

Meet Deborah Allison & Amy Branden

Deborah has been in the retail and merchandising world for more than 40 years. During one of her past business ventures eight years ago, she was delighted to discover The Scout Guide Palm Beach and immediately advertised her business in the guide. From first discovery, she instinctively recognized The Scout Guide was something special. Fast forward to Spring 2024, and with the growth on The Treasure Coast and future stop of The Brightline Train in downtown Stuart, Deborah knew the time for The Scout Guide Treasure Coast had arrived. Needing a partner with a sales background, she asked her niece, Amy Branden, to help her with further analysis. Not long after, Amy too fell in love with The Scout Guide, and recognized a strong need for The Scout Guide in the Treasure Coast communities. With all of the local growth, the small businesses and community needed an elite publication that catered to them while providing a source of networking through Member Mingles and community events. Deborah and Amy are thrilled to bring The Scout Guide, and the community connection it provides, to the Treasure Coast.

Deborah & Amy's Favorite Reasons to Visit

Reason 1

The water. On the Treasure Coast we are lucky to have the St. Lucie River, St. Sebastian River and the Indian River Lagoon,  as well as the Atlantic Ocean. The Indian River is part of the Intracoastal Waterway on the East Coast of Florida. The St. Lucie River and St. Sebastian River are all estuaries to the larger Indian River Lagoon. These bodies of water are ecological jewels of the Treasure Coast offering world class game fishing, sailing, wildlife viewing, and of course lots of boating, which is central to the Treasure Coast lifestyle.

Reason 2

The people. The people in the Treasure Coast region are known for their friendliness. You’ll never meet a stranger here and should be prepared for everyone to give you a hearty wave and say “hello.” Their approachability is indicative of the laid-back, realized lifestyle we embody here. Come experience it!

Reason 3

The vacation vibe. Treasure Coast is surrounded by natural beauty and an endearing small town charm that leads to a year-round vacation vibe. We’ve got great beaches, eclectic boutiques, and incredible restaurants. Many locals choose to stay right where they are and enjoy a staycation. Once you visit, you’ll see why.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller