Top Shelf


After starting off the week with a TSG Tip on styling shelves, we sought out some additional inspiration from our vast network of talents. Not surprisingly, the results, including the above symmetrical stunner by Nashville’s Landy Gardner Interiors, are pretty remarkable. From traditional to contemporary, book-filled to examples exclusively featuring objets, we discovered beautifully composed shelves sure to suit any taste.


We adore the way the blue glass, silver vessels, white books, and photographs in white frames echo the neutral furnishings yet stand out against their dark surroundings in this project by Nashville’s Julie Couch Interiors. With their cohesiveness and soothing palette, the elements are elegant and unobtrusive, yet nevertheless catch and move the eye along. 


In this space by Charlotte’s Lucy and Company, each shelf has its own vibe, but the consistent background and use of gold tones keeps everything feeling connected and complete. There is a lot of personality on display, and we enjoy taking in each individual piece as much as the overall effect of the whole.


Here, Landy Gardner Interiors achieves wonderful symmetry and order again with rows of leatherbound books, a few well placed globes, and some carefully chosen framed photos, allowing the art and tucked back sofa to steal the show. This is the perfect environment in which to sit, sip, and plan your next adventure.


White cubes filled with neutral-hued books, gold-toned art, and white vessels and objects layered to perfection make this project by Minneapolis’s Andrew Flesher feel warm and full of personality. The strategically placed sculptural orbs add wonderful variety to the mix and keep the eye moving.


San Antonio-based M Interiors achieves lovely balance with a variety of elements either standing alone in each compartment or positioned in carefully thought out groupings. Bird figures are mimicked by blue and white objects placed atop a stack of books on the shelf below, and three turquoise vases placed close together create a similar shape on the shelf underneath, with complementary objects adorning the rest.


Of course, there is something so satisfying about seeing shelves lined with books, books, and more books, as in this project by Austin’s Matt Garcia Design. While the shelves are punctuated by the occasional vessel, and the swath of blue background provides a nice visual break, we appreciate a bibliophile who isn’t afraid to put their passion on display.

Stylish, serene, and oh so clean, this space by New Orleans’s Shaun Smith captured by TSG New Orleans photographer Sara Essex Bradley still oozes with charm and personality thanks to personal details placed throughout.


Everything about the above wall in a project by Austin’s McKinney York Architects works so beautifully. Horizontal stacks of multicolored books climbing to the ceiling on the left; vertically placed volumes on the right; art spaced throughout; dancing figures and framed black-and-white photographs atop cupboards…this is shelf perfection.