tsg-picturewall-maryjobochnerWell-placed art can make a world of difference in a space. Whether that entails a single, statement-making painting that somehow anchors an entire area, a series of prints that pop against their surroundings, or, as in the space above by Savannah-based designer Mary Jo Bochner, symmetrical groupings of classically framed works, you cannot deny the impact that artfully arranged art can have on a room.

tsg-picturewall-summerhouseA balanced grouping of framed figures perfectly completes this serene and sophisticated room by Jackson, Mississippi’s SummerHouse.

tsg-picturewalls-nicolehollisA thoughtfully composed collection of butterfly prints add nature and whimsy above the bed in a room designed by Silicon Valley-based Nicole Hollis. We love how the use of black frames creates unity among the different sized pieces and ties the grouping in with the gorgeous headboard below.

tsg-picturewalls-nicolehollis-2Again, Nicole Hollis beautifully finishes a bedroom with a set of framed art, this time skillfully layering black-and-white pieces to achieve a simple yet striking effect.

tsg-picturewalls-mmr2A grouping of works done in a similar palette and encased in gilded frames follows the staircase upward, filling the triangular space and adding warmth to this sitting room by New Orleans’s MMR Interiors while also complementing the oil portrait on the adjacent wall.

tsg-picturewall-kenlinsteadtHow stunning is the textile encased in a lucite frame in this project by Silicon Valley’s Ken Linsteadt Architects? In addition to being utterly unique, it perfectly inhabits the space.

tsg-picturewalls-mmrThis MMR Interiors-designed space is oh so pretty, from the sconces to the bench to the large-scale, statement-making piece, showing that well-executed design is truly a work of art.