The Deconstructed Wreath

We love a traditional wreath as much as the next person. After all, something doesn’t become a holiday staple without certain unassailable aesthetic merits. Still, we believe that everything is up for reimagining, and that includes our winter door decor. A fresh spin on the entrance accessory, the deconstructed wreath is an inspired option that won’t feel tired a few days into the New Year. Simple, beautiful, and inviting, here’s how to create one of your own:

Pare down the elements. Unlike our usual “more is more” attitude toward traditional wreath making, a single horizontal branch affixed with pine boughs and a few loose greens, a laurel of olive branches, or a metallic ring adorned with some seeded eucalyptus—plus a single length of beautiful ribbon for hanging—is all  you need for a more modern iteration.

Take a linear approach. Rather than bending and twisting twigs and branches into a round shape, arrange the pieces on top of each other in loose layers, starting with a base of pine and adding pretty accents that provide movement and texture on top. Tie with a piece of twine and attach the vertical bouquet to your front door.

Go for the gold. For a little flair, add a light dusting of gold spray paint to the tips of your leaves or pinecones (or, if you’re feeling ambitious, dab them with a bit of with gold leaf).