The Art of Abundance: How to Create A Simple Centerpiece

This time of year in particular, we try to create moments in our homes that capture the spirit of the season and make our guests feel especially welcome. One of our favorite ways to do this is to create simple yet statement-making arrangements using an abundance of a particular element. With so many things competing for our attention, there’s something refreshing about singling out a favored item to celebrate in a grouping, and committing to a theme can take a lot of stress out of decorating. Here’s how we approach the process:

Pick an element that you wish to incorporate en masse. Fruit, such as kumquats, satsumas, lady apples, and Seckel pears (preferably with leaves still attached) are among our favorites, since they’re fresh, bright, and easy to obtain in abundance. Ornaments, candy canes, or other traditional candies are also good options. 

Start filling vessels, getting more creative and adventurous as you go along. Planters (like the vintage tole one pictured above), apothecary jars, cake plates, the nooks and crannies in a piece of coral…any place that could benefit from a festive touch is fair game.  

Keep everything else simple. Once you’ve committed to a theme, keep the rest of your color scheme simple with greens, and just add a little sparkle with silver and crystal or your favorite metallic accent. 

The perfect final touch. While a beautiful display of almost-overflowing fruit or ornaments can certainly stand alone, nothing takes a festive grouping up a notch like a length of luxurious ribbon. Tie a bow around a vase or urn for a little extra flair.

TSG Tip 186 features a vintage tole planter available from And George in Charlottesville, Virginia.