The Art of a Simple Fall Centerpiece

Fall Centerpiece Tip

During a season that’s filled with gorgeous hues ranging from red to gold to green, we like to let nature take center stage when creating an arrangement. While this approach can certainly lend itself to over-the-top stunners, sometimes a little restraint can take a grouping to quiet yet powerful heights. Here, we deconstruct our process for creating a beautifully simple fall centerpiece that will elevate any occasion.

Pare down as much as possible. When simplicity is the goal, editing down your elements to just a few selections is key. While we don’t always insist on following a “rule of three” approach, when creating a simple fall centerpiece, we find that narrowing down our options—such as leaves, pears, and a strategically placed fig—always yields a visually strong result.

Feel free to forage. Large leaves in a variety of fall colors provide the perfect base for a simple fall centerpiece. As an added bonus, they are often available in abundance (and don’t cost a penny). If you have little ones, gathering pretty foliage is an ideal activity to delegate to children who are eager to be involved in the decorating process.

Incorporate fruit. When it comes to our arrangements, we always opt to use what’s in season whenever possible. This time of year, our favorite elements include pears, lady apples, persimmons, pomegranates, and citrus—all of which add wonderful color, shape, and interest to the tablescape.

Add a touch of sparkle. Selecting a vessel that offers a bit of shine, such as a glass compote or silver pedestal, creates a beautiful contrast to the natural pieces included in the composition. Whether you opt for a more ornate option is up to you—the simplicity is more about editing the elements involved in the grouping.

Be selective about surrounding elements. Sometimes a single simple piece won’t suffice. When that’s the case, rather than taking a maximalist approach, bring in corresponding pieces that will complement your unfussy arrangement. Votives and additional foraged foliage, and strategically placed fruit are excellent ways to build around your simple centerpiece and opportunities further elevate your table by playing with scale.