The Anatomy Of A Wreath

With all due respect to twinkling trees and holly bough-decked halls, when it comes to holiday decor, wreaths are always our favorite element. In addition to looking lovely on a door, mirror, or window, they spark our creativity thanks to the many ways they can be assembled and enhanced. Here are a few ways we like to personalize this Christmastime classic:

Start with a solid base. While some people like to DIY, we prefer to leave it to the experts to create the basic design. Starting with a lush, well-made boxwood or magnolia wreath makes it so much easier to take it to the next level with extras.

Forage for additional foliage. Many of our favorite things to add to our wreaths can be found in our own backyards. Pine boughs, boxwood branches, magnolia leaves, and sprigs of rosemary are all fairly readily accessible, and look so pretty tucked into a creation.

Balance out your hues. Greens can feel heavy, so lighten them up with a lighter shade of ribbon (we’re partial to chartreuse). Temper your pops of color—oranges and kumquats are among our favorite pieces—with subdued elements like dried seed pods for an earthy mix.

Keep experimenting. Once you have the essentials in place, keep playing with different ideas to create dimension and movement. Mercury glass ornaments, feathers, fruit, eucalyptus, and layers upon layers of varying greens are all wonderful extras to try to add in.