When did you start working at TSG?
January 2022

Where are you from?
Walnut, Iowa

What do you do at TSG HQ?
I manage internal and external communications for TSG.

How did you arrive at TSG?
I decided to fill out the job/talent acquisition form on the TSG website one day after seeing them on social media, and the rest is history!

What’s on your desk?
My Hydroflask, a candle, and endless notepads/sticky notes.

Words to live by:
Choose joy

Favorite vacation destination:
Anywhere tropical!

Favorite movie:
Father of the Bride

What’s in your bag?
Chapstick, perfume, sunglasses, wallet, and a hairclip (or two).

Best part about working at TSG:
The welcoming atmosphere and strong sense of community.

What’s your TSG obsession?
TSG Mobile Bay and TSG Gulf Coast—I always know the best local places to shop, eat, and support being that I, too, live along the Alabama Gulf Coast.

“That’s so TSG”:
The gorgeous cover color combinations and of course, the gold foil.