When did you start working at TSG?
TSG became one of my freelance clients in February 2018, but I came on staff in January of 2019.

Where are you from?
I’m a native Texan. I was born in Houston, spent my teen years in San Antonio, and went to college in Austin. I’m proud to claim all three. Plus, I’m a little bit of a New Yorker having spent 14 years there before landing in Charlottesville.

What do you do at TSG HQ?
I support the editorial team at TSG HQ, brainstorming creative ideas, writing for our national site and various marketing-related content. I also write all of the editorial content for The Scout Guide Charlottesville.

How did you arrive at TSG?
Christy Ford’s son and mine were on the same Little League baseball team. She got wind of the fact that I’m a writer, one thing led to another, and here I am.

 Words to live by?
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” —Mary Oliver

Favorite vacation destination?
San Miguel de Allende. It’s this perfect little colonial town in the interior of Mexico. I think I was meant to live on Mexican mountain time.

Personal theme song?
“Pancho & Lefty,” written by the great Townes van Zandt and sung by the incomparable Willie Nelson.

Favorite movie?
I’ve got to go high and low here. Out of Africa and Dirty Dancing.

What’s in your bag?
Always Staedtler fineliner pens, a notebook, lip balm, Bach’s Rescue Remedy, and the detritus of kid snacks, usually smashed Goldfish.

Best part about working at TSG?
Getting to make my living being a storyteller.

What’s your TSG obsession?
All of the awesome small business owners in our guides. I’m so inspired by the fact that they followed their dreams, took a chance, and struck out on their own. It’s such an honor to tell their stories every day.

“That’s so TSG”:
Always seeking local when traveling. Hitting up local shops and restaurants tells the story of a place so much better than a chain ever could.