When did you start working at TSG?

August 2019


Where are you from?

Lynchburg, Virginia


What do you do at TSG HQ?

As a graphic designer, I have the privilege of designing the guides.


How did you arrive at TSG? 

I had seen the guides in various cities, including my hometown. When a position became available to join the team as a designer, I jumped at the chance. 


What’s on your desk? 

A water bottle and past guides for inspiration.


Words to live by? 

“Anyone who isn’t embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough.”

—Alain de Botton


Favorite vacation destination?

Amsterdam! Or any beach. There’s also a really beautiful hike/swimming hole in Virginia called Cascade Falls that I love to visit with friends.


Favorite movie?

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


What’s in your bag?

One or two clementines, headphones, and a sketchbook


Best part about working at TSG? 

The people and the dogs! Everyone is extremely welcoming and kind.


“That’s so TSG”:

I love shopping locally and getting to meet business owners.