When did you start working at TSG?
September 2020

Where are you from?
Reston, Virginia

What do you do at TSG HQ?
I work on city-focused content initiatives.

How did you arrive at TSG?
I went to college in Charlottesville and fell in love with the town. When I decided to move back a decade later this position just happened to be posted the very same week. And it didn’t hurt that one of my friends (shoutout to Lindsey Schweiker) was already working at TSG and vouched for how amazing it is to work here!

Favorite vacation destination?
Kauai, Hawaii. I’ve never seen a more magical place.

Favorite movie?
When Harry met Sally. Which is odd because I am not usually a rom-com gal.

What’s in your bag?
So many loose hair ties and bobby-pins, a reusable tote bag, sunglasses that I always forget to wear, and a water bottle that inevitably leaks on everything.

Best part about working at TSG?
Getting to know the Charlottesville small business community!