What do you do at TSG HQ?
As the Production Manager I have the opportunity to be the liaison between HQ, our local market owners, and our printers. My primary role is to work closely with our design team and oversee the timely production, printing, and delivery of all the guides we produce.

How did you arrive at TSG?
My first interaction with The Scout Guide happened when I found an old Charlottesville guide in a stack of magazines at a local coffee shop my freshman year of college. I remember thinking, “Wow! This would be a cool publication to work for.” Fast forward three and a half years… After graduation I was searching for jobs a learned that Scout was hiring! The rest is history.

What’s on your desk?
I do my best to keep as little as possible on my desk, but you can always be sure you’ll find a jar of dog treats for all the four-legged office guests, a water bottle, my notebook, a calendar, and most likely a pen (or five!).

Words to live by?
“Just as white space in design allows your eyes to focus on what’s most important, the same holds true in life.”

Favorite vacation destination?
The mountains, always.

Favorite movie?
Here’s a surprising fun fact about me – I LOVE the Fast and Furious movies!

What’s in your bag?
Everything! I’m a chronic over-packer, so way too many things. I also commute from Harrisonburg (an hour-is away from HQ), so I typically have my whole life packed in my bag since I can’t take a quick trip home if I forget something.

Best part about working at TSG?
The puppies, people, and Pantone colors!

What’s your TSG obsession?
Collecting as many guides as I can, and sharing them will all of the people I love.