When did you start working at TSG?  February 2022

Where are you from?  I was born in Germany and lived there until I was ten.  My dad’s family is from Fehmarn, a small island in the Baltic Sea between Germany and Denmark 

What do you do at TSG HQ? As the assistant editor for Charlottesville, I get to work with all of our amazing local business owners to promote their businesses and get everyone in Charlottesville to #livelovelocal!

How did you arrive at TSG? I first discovered The Scout Guide (Volume 1!) when attending a friend’s wedding in Charlottesville in 2010 and have loved it ever since.  When I moved back to Charlottesville (20 years after graduating from UVA), I once again relied on TSG to reintroduce me to the best of Charlottesville. When I happened to see the assistant editor job posting while on a ski lift over winter break, I knew it was meant to be. I’m so excited to be working for the publication that I have loved for so long!

What’s on your desk? The more appropriate question is, “what’s in your car?” I seem to be living out of my car these days as I travel around town getting to know our business owners and capturing the best of Charlottesville for social media! Whether in my car or at my desk, I always have TSG Cville Volume 9 through 13 with me and either a cup of coffee or a big Stanley travel tumbler of water.

Words to live by? “If you work hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.’

Favorite vacation destination?  This is a hard one as when we were living in Geneva, Switzerland, we were lucky to travel a lot. If I had to pick a favorite country to visit it would be Italy. It’s home to the kindest people, most amazing food, best wine, and such varied landscape and architecture.

Personal theme song? Beautiful Day by Joshua Radin

Favorite movie?  I am known for falling asleep during movies. Love Actually is a movie I have actually watched multiple times without falling asleep, so maybe that’s a favorite.

What’s in your bag?  The Scout Guide Charlottesville, Volume 13, a notebook, my iPhone, cheap sunglasses (because I am always misplacing them), and likely a seed packet or two. When not working at TSG I love growing vegetables and cut flowers and I am constantly on the lookout for new seed varieties…and then often forget about them at the bottom of my purse.

Best part about working at TSG? Really getting to know the Charlottesville small business community!

What’s your TSG obsession? I am currently obsessed with Cake Bloom who will be joining us in Volume 14.  I think it is because Susan combines two of my loves—flowers & cake—and her creations are both stunning and delicious!

“That’s so TSG”: I have been promoting my favorite local businesses via my personal blog and Instagram for as long as I can remember. Supporting local is in my DNA and I believe that it is small businesses that really give a city its soul!