Take a Shine to It

There is no denying the appeal of a little shine. Apply that idea on a grand scale, and a space can become downright irresistible. Take, for example, the lacquered living room above, by MMR Interiors. While each element is indeed interesting in its own right, showcased against a shiny black backdrop, the space is absolutely stunning.

Glossy navy shelves and panels in the above room by Porter Design Company are at at once versatile and a convincing argument against playing it safe.

While not high-gloss, the dark walls in this Katheryn Robertson-designed room still reflect back light, and allow the lacquered cabinet to truly shine.

The Iron Gate shows how slick black walls and shiny trim take black-and-white to new heights. The room on the left seems to extend vertically forever, while the room on the right draws the eye upward with beams that gleam.

 Janie Molster Designs proves that dark, moody tones aren’t the only ones that can take a little shine with the above moss-hued space. We love the way the glossy finish plays against the contrasting colors and textures to create an endlessly compelling yet cohesive effect.

A gold-beige lacquered wall is perfect for framing more ornate decor. MMR INTERIORS has added sculpture, classic furniture, brass sconces and gold-framed oil paintings to give this room the perfect ratio of ornate and modern.

ANNE COYLE‘s lacquered walls are an unexpected backdrop for a living room. With a salon-style gallery of art on top, the purple acts as a shining backdrop to highlight the works in front.

MMR Interiors  creates a mood of opulence that works well for a library space: floor to ceiling lacquered book cases, framed by heavy, mustard-colored drapes.

KENDALL WILKINSON DESIGN’s design for this sitting room is absolutely divine—a lustrous wall and shelving helps set the tone of luxury for some plush seating, gilt wallpaper and gold details, plus antique chair and rug.

This statement-making powder room from ROB BOWEN Design Group feels fresh and unexpected, in part thanks to the lacquered sink, with its clean, geometric shape, boxy pulls, and brilliant blue sheen.

As Jenny Brown Designs shows, red is a sensational color for a lacquered surface, reminding us of the luxury and allure of bright red lipstick, nail polish, or a sporty red convertible—treat-yourself kind of extras that are by definition luxurious. If you don’t believe us, just ask Christian Louboutin, who has women everywhere fawning over his shoes, drawn by the sensuality of a high heel with a hidden asset: a high-gloss red sole.

This red bathroom was designed by NICOLE HOLLIS for Hall Winery in St. Helena, California. The sheen is not lacquer but, in this case: red milestone walls, countertops, and doors, and “Red” from Benjamin Moore. The modern light fixtures from Castore by Artemide are the just the thing to get those red walls glimmering from top to bottom.