18 Baubles Fit for Royalty Edit

Don’t let the fact that you weren’t born into a monarchy keep you from accessorizing like it. Make like a Windsor and don gemstone laden jewelry—in rings, brooches, show-stopping pendants,…

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35 Gorgeous, Gift-Worthy Pieces of Jewelry Edit

 Betina Pendant Necklace from Tiny Gods in Charlotte, North Carolina.  When considering Valentine’s Day gift options for someone special in your life, jewelry can often be an exciting (and much-appreciated)…

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An Experts’ Guide to Gifting Jewelry Edit

Photography courtesy of Elizabeth Locke of Elizabeth Locke Jewels and The Other Elizabeth. For many, when an occasion to give a gift occurs, jewelry is one of the first options…

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Gorgeous Garden-Themed Jewelry Edit

10 Gorgeous Garden Jewels

While we’re fans of nature-inspired jewelry year-round, spring seems like a particularly appropriate time to accessorize with garden-themed pieces that mimic and celebrate our outdoor surroundings. As we contemplate adding…

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Diamond Stunners for Every Style Edit

Diamonds: January 2018

As the song famously states, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. For decades, the sparkling gemstone has been the source of awe and envy, and for good reason—in addition to…

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Seeing Stars: Stunning Celestial Jewelry Edit

Starburst necklaces and bracelet

The power of a stellar piece of jewelry should not be underestimated. Lately, we’ve been drawn to celestial shapes that captivate the eye with their ethereal sparkle and enticing angles.…

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Gold Rush: Stunning Summer Bracelets Edit

Essential Summer Bracelets

Jewelry is a year-round obsession, but summer is when we really like to shine. And of all the precious accessories that pair well with a summer glow, a fabulous bracelet is…

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Golden Rules Edit

Summer is a time to lighten up, and we love to reflect this notion in our attitude, attire, and, of course, our accessories. This time of year, we believe that…

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Caring for Your Jewels This Summer Edit

Caring for Your Jewels This Summer

Our summer routine tends to involve certain elements that, while beneficial to us, are less friendly to our jewelry. We reached out to the experts at Booth Custom Jewelers in Raleigh, North…

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Thoughtful Gifts for Mom Edit

Mother’s Day is just a few short weeks away. While we think the best part of Mother’s Day is expressing what a parent means to you, we know that a…

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