Six Summer Essentials: Luxurious and Understated Basics

Summer fashion is about chic simplicity. When temperatures are high and schedules are hectic, there is simply no room for frills. Selecting more minimal pieces doesn’t mean sacrificing style, however. In fact, beautifully crafted basics are the foundation of a successful summer wardrobe that allows us to look effortlessly put together.

To help us assemble the ideal summer closet, we asked Cyndi Hawkes and Liz Scheer, owners of the impeccably edited Chagrin Falls, Ohio-based boutique Juicy Lucy, which pieces make their list of summer essentials. Describing their philosophy, Hawkes and Scheer explain, “Summer essentials are about understated basics…. Forming an irreverent classic look that is simplistic without compromising luxury.”

From a timeless trench (shown above) to the perfect white shirt to an ideal summer scent, here are their recommendations:

1. “Jack” white linen shirt by CP Shades  //  2. Comme des Garçons PLAY Eau de Toilette  //  3. TAP by Todd Pownell gold cuff earrings  //  4. “Norbert” tote by Jérôme Dreyfuss  //  5. Gator flip flop by Rhonda Ochs  //  6. Trench coat (show at top of post) by Julia Jentzsch

 Juicy Lucy  //  Chagrin Falls, OH  //  440.247.5748