Integral to The Scout Guide mission is telling the stories behind the small businesses Scouted in each Volume. The story begins in print and continues online, after all. As you peruse Volume 1 , we are thrilled to continue our story telling mission with a fun little feature called “Friday FIVE”. This week, learn more about Amber Tice, local brand photographer, educator, and official photographer for The Scout Guide!

Friday Five with The Scout Guide photographer Amber Tice

As we head into photoshoot season for Volume 2 of The Scout Guide, it seems like the perfect time to catch up with branding photography guru and one of our beloved photographers, Amber Tice, to find out what she loves most about her local community!

What are your favorite restaurants / activities for a date night? “I love a good date night at a local restaurant with my husband so we can take the time to catch up on all the moving parts in life and reconnect with one another. There are so many great spots in our area but lately we’ve been loving Sip and Savor in Highland Village.”

You have 5 mins to go pick up a gift for someone, where are you shopping? “Depending on the person I’m shopping for- I’m either hitting up Roanoke Trading Company or Drew Co. both in Downtown Roanoke. The owners are so sweet and you honestly can’t go wrong with either place.”

If you’re having a “self care day”, where are you going?My go to is a morning pilates class at Club Pilates Northlake but the Now Massage in Southlake is also a personal fave of mine. Anytime I can relax and get some peace and quiet is a win in my book!

Are there any local traditions or events that you look forward to every year?We love taking the kids to see all the Christmas festivities that the City of Grapevine has to offer every year. It truly makes for a magical season that the whole family can enjoy!” Scout Guide Tip: We will be doing our Annual Christmas in Grapevine Giveaway with @TheGrapevineEdit very soon, so make sure to follow along on Instagram!

How has your community supported your growth as a local business owner?I’ve always been a little biased and thought that I have some of the best clients around! But I truly believe that. I have great long-time clients that have been with me from the beginning (Pediatric Speech Stars and Kinactive Kids to name a few) and it’s because of amazing clients like them that I’m able to serve other wonderful entrepreneurs and businesses.

If you need to up your branding image game for your business, or just want to follow along for her great photography and business ownership tips, be sure to follow Amber on Instagram! @amberticephoto And of course, find a copy of The Scout Guide Southlake & Grapevine Volume 1 to see her beautiful work in print.