2024 Color Predictions, according to Five Local Design Experts

Image Courtesy of Signature Home Services, Keller, Texas

Color predictions are rolling in for 2024 and there seems to be one common theme : BOLD is BACK. Whether bright blues, barbie core pink, or moody neutrals, BOLD colors are taking the reins in 2024 when it comes to design. 

With the Pantone “Color of the Year” being released in just a few days, we polled local Scouted Experts in the Southlake & Grapevine area to share their predictions on all things color, and how to best incorporate bold tones into your space.

PREDICTION – Earth Tones, Jana of Jana Schleif Interiors: “Earth tones have made a resurgence in interior design, bringing back a sense of warmth and coziness. This trend is characterized by the use of deeper wood stains and finishes, along with shades of greens, reds, burgundy and griege to infuse a welcoming undertone into the chosen color palette.” 

Go-To Colors: “Griege and mushroom tones represent a timeless color palette choice that offers versatility and adaptability to evolving design trends. These hues seamlessly blend elements of grey and taupe, providing a neutral base that coordinate effortlessly with various design aesthetics. A few of our go-to shades are Sherwin Williams’ Felted Wool, Pediment, Shitake, and Alpaca, each of which contributes to a classic foundation.”

Where to Use Them: “These versatile colors find their way into a wide range of interior elements, making appearances on walls, cabinetry, drapery, window shades, wall coverings, and furniture, showcasing their adaptability and appeal in multiple design applications.”

PREDICTION – Barbie Pink, Soft Lavender, Crisp White, and Indigo Blue, Sara Lambert of Lambert Home

“Barbie pink will be huge, still, in 2024. The celebration of girlhood and femininity will begin making a permanent mark on our interiors in solidarity! Being a girl is beautiful and worth celebrating.”

Go-To Colors: SW Loveable, SW Wallflower, SW Snowbound or Shoji White, and SW Storm Cloud

Where to Use Them: “Crisp White is timeless for walls. We’re over gray, we’re not ready to go back to cream for fear of looking dated, so white it is! Pink and lavender for furniture and cabinetry. I think tile, bathrooms, and hard surface-heavy rooms are going to swing from light/bright to moody and comforting (cue the Indigo!). We’ve done light + bright for a while now and, as the political atmosphere heats up, people are ready to feel safe and comforted at home—even while doing laundry!”

Image by Ashley Montague for Lambert Home

Image by Chelsea Davis Photography for Maykus Homes, As Seen in The Scout Guide Southlake & Grapevine

PREDICTION – Shades of Blue, April Littmann, owner of Neighbor Interiors and Designer for Maykus Homes “In 2024, various shades of blue are set to make a big comeback as a prominent color trend. Blue can evoke a sense of tranquility, versatility, and has a timeless appeal, making it a versatile color choice for various design styles and appealing to a wide range of homeowners.”

Go-To Colors : “A few blue paint colors we love are SW 6244 Naval, SW 7604 Smoky Blue, and SW 9138 Stardew. When incorporating blue into interiors, we coordinate it with soft neutrals such as our favorite SW 7004 Snowbound. Also, by adding warm tones like white oak and medium brown wood stains, these natural elements coordinate well with the depth of a blue hue.”

Where to Use Them: “We expect to see blue used on cabinetry, trim, and in tile!”

PREDICTION – Neutrals paired with Jewel Tones, Sara Quinn of 13Thirty Designs : “Neutrals will always go the distance. They’re classic but we’re seeing a call for individuality and boldness with richness and saturated jewel tones. Deep forest green with velvety rusts. Magenta with polished brass.”

Go-To Colors : “Providence blue by Benjamin Moore has taken my heart however Knoxville Gray by BM is totally on point with the trend!”

Where to Use Them : “No holds bar! I think that it’s all fair game! Mostly painted millwork and cabinetry… it makes the most impact!”

PREDICTION : Light Browns and Caramels, with Pops of Rich Colors, Robin Burrill of Signature Home Services

“The first trend I see for 2024 includes lots of light browns and caramels. These are colors where brown meets bronze…a sort of beige spectrum that gives homeowners and designers a LOT of neutrals to play with. These colors are pretty trendy right now, which means they might not be in a few years…though, these colors also complement the biophilic palette, which continues to be REALLY big right now. Just look at the number of greens you see in homes!

On the other hand, I see overall rich colors coming back in…I’ve seen it in paint selections, in upholstery, in rugs, in finishes. Picture a deep raisin or a wine color. I’ve also seen a glaucous (look THAT one up!) color that I found super soft and pleasant. These aren’t the bubblegum bright colors of the 1980s, but rich hues that are dramatic and timeless.”

Go-To Colors : “My favorite colors to use as a base when I coordinate are Agreeable Gray and Accessible Beige, because they’re such solid neutrals that I can add LOTS of other colors, and they all work together!”

Where to Use Them : “Colors will be used EVERYWHERE! From furniture (custom painted wood, upholstery, metal treatments) to flooring (carpets, hard surfaces) to accessories, window treatments, wall paint, even cabinet and plumbing hardware.”

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