A residence designed by Rosney Co. Architects. Photo courtesy of client.

Spending an extended amount of time at home can lead people to look at their surroundings in a new light, inspiring some to wonder how their spaces could be optimized and prompting those who have been considering making adjustments to their abodes to take the plunge. For those who live in the south who might be thinking about transforming their home (or business) into something more beautiful and functional—or even creating a new structure from scratch—we asked our editors in southern states to recommend professionals in their areas who can help turn clients’ dreams into a design reality.

FIRM: Rosney Co. Architects
LOCATION: Charlottesville, Virginia
WHAT THEY DO: This self-described “close-knit firm” favors classic design and focuses on cultivating lasting relationships with clients. They create thoughtfully designed buildings inspired by the site that are carefully tailored to their clients’ individual needs.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Both [partners] Keith [Scott] and Julie [Dixon] are incredibly down to earth, which makes them so easy to work with. Their innate design sensibility means that every project is nothing less than extraordinary,” says The Scout Guide Charlottesville co-editor Christy Ford.

A residence designed by Matheny Goldmon. Photo by Evin Photography.

FIRM: Matheny Goldmon Architecture + Interiors
LOCATION: Huntsville, Alabama
WHAT THEY DO: A residential and commercial firm focused on the art and discipline of design, Matheny Goldmon strives to enrich the quality, aesthetics, and experiences of the owners and communities they serve. The team endeavors to provide their services to their clients as diligent, conscientious professionals, while making the design process fulfilling and fun. “At the completion of a project, our team’s greatest rewards are a satisfied owner and users whose lives are enriched by the environments we help provide—each with a greater appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of the meaningful places and spaces they encounter,” says owner/architect Paul Matheny.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Matheny Goldmon is leaving its fingerprint and its distinctive style and design process all over our city. While well-known for their residential designs, they are also intimately involved with reshaping the face of our city in this period of exponential growth and change in Huntsville. From our new Mars Music Hall to the regionally recognized Huntsville Botanical Gardens as well as many shopping and entertainment venues, the face of Huntsville benefits greatly from their creative energy and thoughtful design,” says The Scout Guide Huntsville editor Dawn Pumpelly.

A residence designed by Smith and Moore Architects. Photo by Nick Sargent for Sargent Photography. 

FIRM: Smith and Moore Architects
LOCATION: Palm Beach, Florida
WHAT THEY DO: Smith and Moore is an award-winning architectural practice widely recognized for residential design in traditional and modern styles. Focusing primarily on Palm Beach, the four partners pride themselves on well versed and creative use of traditional forms to address each project uniquely as a synthesis of modern taste and historical models.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Smith and Moore sets a new standard for Palm Beach construction, historic renovations, and restorations. They are committed to designing projects that respect and enhance their surroundings. I’ve had the pleasure to visit many of their remarkable projects, including the two homes honored with The Schuler Award and one honored with The Ballinger Award, two of the highest honors given by The Palm Beach Preservation Foundation. Each unique, magnificent project shines and speaks to the talent, discerning eye, and attention to detail of the Smith & Moore team!” says The Scout Guide Palm Beach editor Stacey Leuliette.

A residence by Samsel Architects. Interiors by Alchemy Design Studio. Photo by Keith Isaacs.

FIRM: Samsel Architects
LOCATION: Asheville, North Carolina
WHAT THEY DO: Samsel Architects is a full-service architecture studio with over thirty years of experience. Since their founding in 1985, the firm has been dedicated to creating timeless designs for their clients and community. “Every client deserves a unique and innovative solution and every project is a new opportunity for us to invent and evolve. Our exceptional designs are made possible by the hard work of our staff and the trust of our clients,” they note.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Samsel Architects design with the uniqueness of each client in mind. Their creative designs, collaborative process, and innovative approach truly allow each project to be like no other,” says The Scout Guide Asheville editor Meagan Harris.

A residence by McCown Design. Photo by Justin Cordova.

FIRM: McCown Design
LOCATION: Mobile Bay, Alabama
WHAT THEY DO: Residential designer Robert McCown’s designs are intentionally timeless with a modern touch, and many of the elements he uses in his designs are not seen very often, which makes each project truly unique. Passionate about every aspect of design, McCown sees projects through from pencil to construction, assisting clients with every decision along the way.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Robert not only has an amazing eye for architectural design, he is a charming guy who wins you over with his delightful demeanor and professionalism. He is easy to work with and gives his clients 100% confidence their drawings will be something spectacular when complete. He is highly revered in the Mobile Bay area and beyond and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a rewarding experience,” says The Scout Guide Mobile Bay co-editor Katie McNeil.

A residence by Griffin Architects, P.A. Construction by Tyner Construction Co. Inc. Photo by Robert Griffin.

FIRM: Griffin Architects, P.A.
LOCATION: Asheville, North Carolina
WHAT THEY DO: Over the course of four decades, Griffin Architects’ experience with a variety of both neotraditional and contemporary style homes has established their reputation for both quality and diversity. While they work primarily in the custom residential sector, their preservation and commercial experience enhance their capabilities. Their sensitivity to the site, its orientation, and setting provide them with inspiration that carries through in their process and projects, and their attention to detail is second to none.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Understanding and communicating ideas and concepts to clients is Griffin Architects’ forte. With a broad range of styles they continue to be recognized for design and preservation excellence,”  says The Scout Guide Asheville editor Meagan Harris.