A Simple Spring Mantel

Sometimes, keeping things simple is the best way to make a statement. And while it might seem counterintuitive with such an abundance of greenery available and blooms bursting forth by the day, spring is the perfect time to take a pared-down approach to mantel decor. Here, we break down the basics to creating a fresh focal point:

Use restraint. Select a single element you’d like to incorporate—we like branches for height and movement—and stick with it. Place one piece in each vessel, and call it a day.

Think clean and clear. Use clear glass containers (such as decanters, vases, or jars) to add a little sparkle to the mix without getting too fussy. While we like the transparency of glass, a collection of all-white vessels can be lovely while sticking with the simplicity theme as well.

Layer in similar elements (if you must). If you absolutely have to add something (“more is more” devotees, we sympathize), stick to your pared-down color palette and approach. Think white books, glass candlesticks, and birds nests.