Scouted Architects in the East You Should Know About

For those who live in the east who might be thinking about transforming their home (or business) into something more beautiful and functional—or even creating a new structure from scratch—we asked our editors in the eastern portion of the country to recommend professionals in their areas who can help turn clients’ dreams into a design reality. Looking for a Scouted architect in your area? Find one in The Scout Guide Directory.

Photography by Aleece Sophia.

ARCHITECT: MHK Architecture
LOCATION: Charleston, South Carolina and Highlands, North Carolina
WHAT THEY DO: An architecture firm that is in a league of their own, their adept team prioritizes client needs and vision to ensure satisfaction every time. Their work proves to be the perfect blend of unique and classic.

Photography by Lexy Pierce.

ARCHITECT: Warren Claytor Architects
LOCATION: Wayne, Pennsylvania
WHAT THEY DO: Warren Claytor provides a beautiful degree of depth and insight when designing homes. Whether it be a Pennsylvania farmhouse or a city home, he treats each project with a vast level of care and architectural expertise that is highly distinctive.

Photography by Carly Landolt Photography.

ARCHITECT: Archer & Buchanan Architecture
LOCATION: West Chester, Pennsylvania
WHAT THEY DO: Every home Archer & Buchanan designs has an immense level of character, beauty, and value that only grows with age. The level of detail that each project features is a true marvel.

Photography by Elyse Cosgrove of Torch Pictures.

ARCHITECT: Cathy Purple Cherry, Purple Cherry Architects
LOCATION: Washington, DC, Annapolis, Maryland, Charlottesville and Middleburg, Virginia
WHAT THEY DO: With over 30 years of experience designing exceptional luxury residences, the architecture and interior design teams at Purple Cherry have an unmatched portfolio of jaw-dropping estates, glamorous guesthouses, charming retreats, and more.

Photography by White Rabbit Studios.

ARCHITECT: Matheny Goldmon Architecture & Interiors
LOCATION: Huntsville, Alabama, and Nashville, Tennessee
WHAT THEY DO: A very influential presence, Matheny Goldmon designs everything from striking private homes to multi-use community spaces like the Botanical Garden and Huntsville’s new community-changing Orion Amphitheater. This impressive firm has a massive impact on the look and feel of the Huntsville of tomorrow.

Photography by Chad Riley.

ARCHITECT: Robert McCown, McCown Design
LOCATION: Mobile, Alabama
WHAT THEY DO: A boutique architecture firm specializing in high-end residential designs. Their classic yet modern masterpieces put them in a category of their own, making their projects standout amongst other luxury dwellings.

Photography by Chad Riley.

ARCHITECT: Walcott Adams Verneuille Architects
LOCATION: Fairhope, Alabama
WHAT THEY DO: Thanks to a cadre of talented architects, each with their own special take on design, Walcott Adams Verneuille Architects offer designs to fit every taste. With over 30 years of experience, their stellar reputation precedes them.

Photography by Kate Thompson.

ARCHITECT: Kristi Lane, Visible Proof
LOCATION: Richmond, Virginia
WHAT THEY DO: A residential and commercial interior design and architecture firm, Lane and her team of accomplished creative prioritize thoughtful, elevated spaces that deliver on clients needs and desires.

Photography by Audrey Snow Owen.

ARCHITECT: Stofft Cooney Architects
LOCATION: Naples and Delray Beach, Florida
WHAT THEY DO: Randall Stofft and John Cooney design and oversee many of the most sought-after residential, commercial and resort architectural projects throughout Florida, and locales around the world. Last year they celebrated their 40th and 20th (respectively) anniversaries in the industry. Focused on all things community, Stofft Cooney Architects offers support to a number of nonprofit organizations, including STARability Foundation, which supports individuals with disabilities.

Photography by Chris Edwards.

ARCHITECT: Lindsay Hance McCullough Architecture & Design
LOCATION: Charlotte, North Carolina
WHAT THEY DO: A creative wiz, Lindsay Hance McCullough specializes in both residential and commercial designs of varying scale. Her architectural style adapts easily to clients desires, ranging from traditional to modern, all with the highest level of taste.

Photography by Timothy Hursley.

ARCHITECT: Tim Maddox, DEMX Architecture
LOCATION: Fayetteville, Arkansas
WHAT THEY DO: The team’s resume at DEMX Architecture boasts years of training and experience, it’s no surprise that they’re the talent behind many of the modern, iconic residential and commercial structures in Northwest Arkansas, including award-winning projects like the Ellis Building and the Willis Residence.

Photography by Alyson Barrow Photography.

ARCHITECT: Rosario Mannino, RS Mannino
LOCATION: Rutherford, New Jersey
WHAT THEY DO: Creative powerhouse, Rosario Mannino’s designs bring together client vision and local context, in perfect harmony. Whether working on a small home extension, a stone manor built from the ground up, or an eco-friendly ultra-modern Hamptons beach home, this firm’s goal is to create memorable spaces that exist in harmony with their surroundings.

MHK Architecture appears in The Scout Guide Charleston. Warren Claytor Architects appears in The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia. Archer & Buchanan Architecture appears in The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia. Purple Cherry Architects appears in The Scout Guide Charlottesville & The Scout Guide Hunt Country. Matheny Goldmon Architecture & Interiors appears in The Scout Guide Huntsville. McCown Design appears in The Scout Guide Mobile BayWalcott Adams Verneuille Architects appears in The Scout Guide Mobile Bay. Visible Proof appears in The Scout Guide Richmond. Stofft Cooney Architects appears in The Scout Guide NaplesLindsay Hance McCullough Architecture & Design appears in The Scout Guide Charlotte. DEMX Architecture appears in The Scout Guide Northwest Arkansas. RS Mannino appears in The Scout Guide Bergen County.