Photography courtesy of Tara Shaw.

When it comes to adding soul and character to a space, there is no substitute for a carefully selected antique. For those who might be seeking a piece with a bit of history or the perfect one-of-a-kind treasure to complete a room, we asked The Scout Guide editors across the country to recommend their favorite antique stores for sourcing unique finds. Whether you’re looking for a specific architectural gem or simply delight in the hunt, these special retailers curated by experts are ready to bring interest and personality to your home.


SHOP: Tara Shaw
LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana
WHAT THEY STOCK: You’ll find a unique mix of antiques, mid-century modern pieces, and reproductions all under one roof.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Tara Shaw’s drop-dead gorgeous showroom on Magazine Street just opened last week. This space is where her best-selling book Soul of the Home comes to life by showcasing beautiful antiques paired with modern classics,” says Taylor Morgan, editor of The Scout Guide New Orleans.


Photography courtesy of Charles Phillips Antiques & Architecturals.

SHOP: Charles Phillips Antiques & Architecturals
LOCATION: Theodore, Alabama
WHAT THEY STOCK: This shop consists of eight large buildings with over 75,000 square feet of European antiques, architecturals, custom built furniture, and one-of-a kind accessories.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS:Oh the wonders that await you at Charles Phillips. Their eight warehouses are filled with so many amazing finds. Here you’ll find antique doors, beams, windows, shutters, and other large architecturals that can be built into a home, along with antique furnishings to fill every room,” says Jamie Conger, co-editor of The Scout Guide Mobile Bay. “They also take some incredible pieces, such as shutters and doors, and build them into custom headboards, tables, bed swings, and bars.”


Photography by Audrey Owen. Mural by Shiree Nichole. 

SHOP: Patina Collection
LOCATION: Naples, Florida
WHAT THEY STOCK: Patina Collection is a retail store and design showroom in the heart of downtown Naples that offers an assemblage of found objects, furnishings, and accessories from all over the world. They believe in the beauty of the juxtaposition of antiques alongside their private label and contemporary furnishings, and their aesthetic focuses on subdued palettes, abundant light, and natural materials.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS:Patina Collection is inspirational from the moment you step in the door. Every piece is thoughtfully curated, from the incredible antiques owner Karen Abell sources herself on trips to Europe, to the beautiful home decor, clothing, and gifts,” says Jennifer Adams, editor of The Scout Guide Naples. “You’ll wish you could just move in!” 


Photography by Ashley Cox.

SHOP: Circa
LOCATION: Charlottesville, Virginia
WHAT THEY STOCK: Covering multiple buildings, and with additional trucks out back, you could get lost for an afternoon at this vintage home goods and furniture store.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Whether you pop in for a quick scout or spend several hours, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find a gem every time you walk into Circa,” says Christy Ford, co-editor of The Scout Guide Charlottesville.


Photography by Big Love Bullies.

SHOP: Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities
LOCATION: Fredericksburg, Texas
WHAT THEY STOCK: One-of-a-kind beds, French cabinets and curiosities, huge farm tables, fabulous upholstery, romantic bed linens, industrial objects, illuminations, and more.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS:Carol Hicks Bolton is a unique source of antiquities in the Hill Country, sourcing over 30,000 square feet of furniture and accessories,” says Francie Mannix, editor of The Scout Guide Hill Country. “You’re bound to find the next gem from your home here.”


Photography by Sarah Bell of Sélavie Photography.

LOCATION: Memphis, Tennessee
WHAT THEY STOCK: Interiors boutique curated by interior designer Lindley Martens, showcasing a special mix of antiques, mid-century, classical, and modern treasures for the home.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Interior designer, Lindley Martens, has a talent in finding unique treasures for the home. With a special mix of antiques and modern, those who walk in the doors of her curated boutique will not leave empty handed,” says Stephanie Stephens, editor of The Scout Guide Memphis & Oxford.


Photography courtesy of TSG Hunt Country.

SHOP: The Paradise Antiques
LOCATION: Middleburg, Virginia
WHAT THEY STOCK: Nestled on a pastoral horse farm outside Middelburg, Virginia, The Paradise Antiques is a hidden gem with antiques from around the world. Owner Ariane Carles, originally from Argentina, stocks her stunning converted barn with furniture, decor, art, and china mostly from France, Argentina, Italy, and Belgium.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Owner Ariane Carles’s style is impeccable and it’s quickly become our favorite antique destination,” says Nelina Loiselle, editor of The Scout Guide Hunt Country. “While her entire collection is available online, the gorgeous horse farm setting is worth the trip alone.”


Photography courtesy of Black Sheep Antiques.

SHOP: Black Sheep Antiques
LOCATION: Birmingham, Alabama
WHAT THEY STOCK: Black Sheep offers a wide variety of beautifully curated antiques. Each piece is purposefully hand selected by the owner, Barbara Adkins, as she travels all across the states to find her pieces. Black Sheep has everything from beautiful vintage art to fabulous antique furniture and everything in between.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS:I love how the store is constantly evolving. Barbara does such an amazing job at finding new, unique pieces that I can’t find anywhere else,” says Rebecca Todd, editor of The Scout Guide Birmingham. “Black Sheep is one of those places off the beaten path, but always worth the trip.”


Photography by Brooke Casillas Photography.

SHOP: The Art of Lounging
LOCATION: Aspen, Colorado
WHAT THEY STOCK: An online collective of eternally chic mid-century furniture and decor. The collection includes a selection of work from iconic designers with a focus on seating. Local artisans specializing in upcycling and blending the “old with the new,” resulting in a modern interpretation of these treasures.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Owner Angelica has curated a collection of mid-century finds that make you want to slow down, be present, enjoy your company, and not forget the simple things in life,” says Amy Groom, co-editor of The Scout Guide Aspen. “Her pieces transform spaces with their clean, simple, and chic lines. The Art of Lounging is truly finding the art of slowing down beautifully.”


Photography by Ivory Tree Portraits.

SHOP: Antiquities, Etc.
LOCATION: Wayne, Pennsylvania
WHAT THEY STOCK: This store features English antiques that come directly from the United Kingdom, where owner Marietta Faragalli goes twice a year and travels the entire countryside in search of the best antiques. All of the pieces that she carries in the store must be in mint condition, and she has not only built quite a reputation on the east coast, but also over in the UK as a top antique business owner.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS:Antiquities, Etc. is one of the most impeccable English antique stores on the East Coast,” says Laurie Wightman, editor of The Scout Guide Main Line & Philadelphia. “The attention to detail mixed in with the variety of unique pieces that you will not see anywhere else is truly an education on what fabulous antiques are all about. The owner, Marietta Faragalli, is a class act and a rare gem in the antique business.”